“The Simpsons.” (AP/Fox)

Big deal, right? People put weird stuff — like a pizza that has the face of Jesus on it — on eBay all the time? Well, the price for this piece of dried glue currently stands at £151,000. That’s over $237,000. And there’s still over two days left before the auction closes.

The man selling the old glue, Christopher Herbert, told the Telegraph he found it while cleaning out his “stationary cabinet.”

“I thought I’d just stick it on for a bit of a joke, to be honest. I didn't think anyone would actually bid for an old bit of dried glue, even one that looks a bit like Homer Simpson,” Herbert said, adding he’s “thrilled and delighted” that people are actually willing to pay for the glue piece.

While the winner of the glue could simply not pay for it if they were bidding as a joke, but the current highest bidder could be the real deal. The member has a 99 percent positive feedback rating, and the account has been active for some time. (Whoever they are, they’re also interested in buying BMW parts.)

So tell me, pop culture lovers? Would you pay over $200,000 for an item of “Simpsons” memorabilia that just happens to be a piece of dried glue? If your answer was an emphatic, “No,” perhaps you’ll change your mind after seeing it in the video, via The Telegraph, below.

(via TDW)