Thomas Sadoski and Jeff Daniels, flanking Sam Waterston (whose character is obviously drunk) on “The Newsroom.” ( John P. Johnson )

If you watched last night’s premiere of HBO’s “The Newsroom,” then perhaps you’re waking up this morning with the sound of Aaron Sorkin’s didactic dialogue still ringing, all rat-a-tat-tat, in your ears.

Critics, including The Post’s Hank Stuever, warned us that this much anticipated, inside-the-control-room portrait of a cable news show was a slog through a swamp of self-righteous speeches about the state of journalism and liberals vs. conservatives. And yet we watched anyway, because we missed “West Wing” walk-and-talks and thought Sorkin’s work on “The Social Network” was pretty close to screenwriting genius, the kind that made us yearn for a day when we can actually look someone in the eye, Andrew Garfield-style, and warn them to “lawyer up.”

“The Newsroom,” at least in this blogger’s (wait, I have a blog?!?) humble opinion, lacked that kind of dramatic tension and sharpness. But it has made at least one delightful contribution to pop culture, in the form of a Twitter account devoted to Sam Waterston’s “Newsroom” character, frequently soused network president Charlie Skinner. Twitter handle: @iamdrunksam.

On Sunday night, Patton Oswalt threw down the gauntlet by tweeting: “If the drunk Sam Waterson character on THE NEWSROOM doesn’t have a Twitter account by midnight, we’ve failed as a nation.”

That, in turn prompted, this response from @iamdrunksam:

Crisis averted RT @pattonoswalt If drunk Sam Waterson character on THE NEWSROOM doesnt have an account by midnight, we’ve failed as a nation

— Charlie Skinner (@iamdrunksam) June 25, 2012

So contrary to what Jeff Daniels’s Will McAvoy said in last night’s episode, America actually remains a great nation.

A handful of tipsy tweets have since followed, including some back-and-forth between @iamdrunksam and the inevitable @drunkwillmcavoy.

My favorite so far is the below New York Jets reference, a nod to the show’s 2010 setting that allows it to tackle no-longer-current events like the BP oil spill. (By the way, based on the show, that whole thing was at least partially Jesse Eisenberg’s fault — you recognized his voice, didn’t you?)

SPOILER: next show, Will is going to make a snarky comment on how thankful he is the Jets didn’t draft Tim Tebow. Joke’s on him. #hindsight

— Charlie Skinner (@iamdrunksam) June 25, 2012

So who is the person behind this Twitter feed? Well, as Will McAvoy would undoubtedly tell you, people who write on the Internet don’t care about things like “facts” or “accuracy” or “being offended when their boss calls them Punjab.” (Geez, poor Dev Patel.)

Therefore, I don’t care who is doing this. All I know is that this is the most compelling thing to come out of Sorkin’s “Newsroom,” and that this feed alone may make me more inclined to continue watching the show than anything that actually happened on the show.

(Thanks to the always brilliant April Peveteaux, @atothepg, for the tip.)