Elijah Wood. (Katy Winn/Getty Images)

In the dark comedy, the actor, best known for “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, plays a man who sees his neighbor’s dog as an Australian man in a costume. This really strange idea came to the show’s creator and co-star, Wood revealed, while he was under an herbal influence.

The Post’s Hank Stuever said the show, “would appear to be crafted from a can’t-miss, indie-hipster aesthetic, which may be part of the problem: The show is cool to the point of being cold. The bark is all snark.”

Wood also revealed a detail, albeit a very minor one, from “The Hobbit.” Apparently, Frodo will be sporting some new feet. “Since we finished, technology has changed,” Wood said, adding that glue will no longer be involved in the prosthetic process.

And then the two grown men played a drinking game that involves flipping a hammer and hitting a nail into a tree stump. Because all good Fallon interviews end with sketches that could maim the guest.

Watch Wood’s interview below: