Elizabeth Banks is a new mom.

Elizabeth Banks, proud parent. (Astrid Stawiarz/GETTY IMAGES FOR MONTBLANC)

“The one true hurdle I’ve faced in life is that I have a broken belly,” the “30 Rock” and “40 Year-Old Virgin” star wrote. “After years of trying to get pregnant, exploring the range of fertility treatments, all unsuccessful, our journey led us to gestational surrogacy.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban also recently announced the birth of a child via a gestational surrogate; their second child, Faith Margaret, was born last December.

In a gestational surrogacy, an embryo is implanted into the surrogate, who then carries the child to term.

“Felix means ‘happy’ and ‘lucky’ in Latin,” Banks wrote. “And true to his name, Felix is a very happy baby and a blessing on our life.”