Samuel L. Jackson, distinguished tweeter. (Andy Kropa/GETTY IMAGES)

But whose Twitter mouth is filthier: the star of “The Big Easy” or the man who carried a wallet in “Pulp Fiction” that said Bad Mother [Expletive]? The answer may surprise you.

Note: the tweets that follow will be filled with bleeped-out words. But trust us when we say that both Barkin and Jackson are true pioneers in the field of spelling the f-word in as many different ways as possible.

Here’s Jackson verifying the rules of Twitter etiquette:

“Can-a muh [bleep]say [bleep] on here?”

Ellen Barkin, equally distinguished tweeter. (Evan Agostini/AP)

“[Bleep] you twitter bird without a [bleep] face. I just verified my own [bleep] self.”

Jackson basking in his newfound appreciation for Twitter:

“I'm feelin' da love! U got a [bleep] all choked up!”

And Barkin settling into her new social media setting:

“This twitter [bleep] is really the medium for me. I'm as [bleep] shallow as 140 characters.”

Jackson, after tweeting several celebrities and publicly asking them to follow him:

“Apparently I got some BAD advice about this whole follower approach! No more [bleep] reachin' out, just lettin' it happen!”

And Barkin, also still learning the lay of the Twitter land:

“Some [bleep] friend just told me to hashtag #P[bleep]Js. What da [bleep] is a hashtag? [Bleep].”

Jackson doing what almost everyone does on Twitter: telling his followers where he is and what he is doing:

“Just put Harry Potter's [bleep] to [bleep] sleep for good at the SPIKE Scream Awards!”

And Barkin having a brief bout of tweet regret:

“OMG frenz.since I started twitta,did I just thow way 30yrs of hard won professional dignity with a coupla 100 [bleeps]?! [Bleep] it I'm havin fun!!!”

As you can see, deciding which one is filthier is a tough call. However, I say Barkin wins because, upon examination of her complete feed thus far, her profanity to non-profanity ratio is higher than Jackson’s. As long as these two continue tweeting, though, there is still time for Jackson to level the [bleep] playing field.