A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Ellen Page has been the target of two recent death threats made on Twitter. One of the threatening messages — tweeted out via two accounts from which said messages have since been removed — promised to “K-1-L-L [Page] in public in the next year” if she continues to date Alexander Skarsgaard. (The actors were photographed at a hockey game in June on what may or may not have been an official date.) Los Angeles police have issued a search warrant to Twitter in the hopes of determining the source of the tweets. An unknown person also placed a phone call in June to the L.A. Film Festival’s organizers and threatened to kill Page at the event. (ABC News; TMZ)

Sir Elton John: something new to add to his feud with Madonna. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Hey, speaking of Lady Gaga, she announced the name of her new album, due out in 2013. It’s called ARTPOP. And yes, it must be written in ALL CAPS. (Vulture)

Since this morning’s item about the wedding of Natalie Portman and Benjain Millepied was published, another detail has emerged: apparently Macaulay Culkin was there. (Us Weekly)

The Dark Knight Rises ” topped the weekend box office for the third week in a row, making $36.4 million and bringing its total gross in North America to $355 million. Worldwide, it’s earned more than $733 million. The remake of “ Total Recall ” came in second place at the weeked box office, with a less than awe-inspiring $26 million. (Associated Press; Box Office Mojo)

Amanda Bynes was allegedly involved in yet another hit-and-run car accident, according to a woman with a damaged rear bumper who filed a police report and then told TMZ all about it. (TMZ)

I was already sorry that I missed the first day of Olympics synchronized swimming competition. But I feel even sorrier knowing that the Russian duo currently in the lead got there by performing a routine to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us,” while wearing bathing suits with Michael Jackson on them. Thanks to Buzzfeed for making sure this moment was not missed. (Associated Press; Buzzfeed)

Natalia Ishchenko, Svetlana Romashina and their MJ suits. (Michael Sohn/AP)