Elton John, holding Pepsi court.

As part of the continuing effort to drain any element of advertising surprise out of this Sunday’s Super Bowl, Pepsi has unveiled its game day commercial, entitled “King’s Court.”

In it, Elton John plays the role of a crown-wearing, wine-sipping royal attempting to pass judgment on “X-Factor” winner Melanie Amaro’s vocal abilities. (Wait, is he trying to get a gig as a judge now, or is that job still supposedly going to Beyonce? Or is this just his attempt to steal Super Bowl attention from his arch-nemesis Madonna?)

Anyway, Armaro proceeds to belt the heck out of a well-known tune by the Queen of Soul and teaches John — who has apparently time-traveled back to 1977 and borrowed a pair of Gene Simmons’s boots — a little something about “Respect.”

Oh, and than Flavor Flav shows up at the end. So, in summary, it’s kind of like this Pepsi commercial featuring Michael Jackson and a young Alfonso Ribeiro. Except, you know, not quite that awesome.

Check out the clip below, unless you’re still trying valiantly to avoid Super Bowl commercial spoilers.