The Amazing Spider-Man” opens one week from today. Early reviews are landing heavily on the rave side, while the Spidey publicity tour that’s been dominating the talk-show circuit and major media outlets suggests that we had better get used to seeing the faces of Andrew Garfield, the new Peter Parker, and Emma Stone, Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, quite a lot in the coming days and weeks.

From my perspective, this is a good thing. Because Garfield and Stone — who are reportedly dating in real life even though they consistently evade questions about their status in on-camera interviews — might be the most adorable human beings on Earth. I mean, separately, they’re both endearing, attractive people. But put them together and it’s like a massive cuteness explosion, like a dozen cuddly kittens to the 100th power, like a gold-medal-winning team in the 100-meter “Awww, they’re so sweet” relay.

I mean, for heaven’s sake, look at them.

(Carlos Alvarez/GETTY IMAGES)

You haven’t seen anything cuter than that in a long time . . . well, except possibly Uggie putting his paws in cement earlier this morning. But other than that? Nothing.

In order to ensure that your eyes are fully adjusted to the onslaught of Stone/Garfield darlingness that awaits, here’s a photo essay that captures some of their joyful charms from the international “Spider-Man” press tour.

Here’s another photo of them at last week’s “Amazing Spider-Man” premiere in Madrid, where they obviously look really unhappy to be there.

(Carlos Alvarez/GETTY IMAGES)

At a Madrid photo call, Garfield appeared to be giving Stone the ‘ol slow clap, which, as an Indisputable, she totally deserves.

(Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP)

Prior to that, in Berlin, they both did the clapping routine. And nailed it.


And this . . . I mean . . . the cuteness. I seriously can’t look at this photo . . .


. . . without my eyes involuntarily doing this.

Garfield and Stone — which sounds like a rock-solid name for either a song-writing duo or an accounting firm, by the way — don’t look particularly adorable during this shot taken Friday in Rome. But they score points for color coordination.

(Domenico Stinellis/AP)

And here they are yesterday with fellow cast members Rhys Ifans, left, and Dennis Leary, far right, as well as director Marc Webb, at the Empire State Building in New York. Is Garfield taking a picture of himself and Stone? Because if I were that cute, I would.


Actually, my favorite picture from their Empire State Building visit is this one. No, these two aren’t dating in real life or anything. Nope. Not at all.