A morning mix of entertainment headlines...

Does this woman look dangerous to you? (Chris Pizzello/Invision/Associated Press)

Emma Watson is apparently the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet. That’s according to tech security company McAfee, which says Watson is now tops on the list of famous names that cyber criminals use to lure online searchers into downloading malicious software or unwittingly exposing their personal information. It’s entirely possible that simply by reading this item, your identities have already been stolen. This all seems pretty unfair to Hermione, who has a new movie coming out (“Perks of Becoming a Wallflower”) and should not become the victim of Google prejudice. (Associated Press)

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are not the only Hollywood couple who reportedly got married over the weekend. Cobie Smulders of “How I Met Your Mother” and longtime fiance Taran Killam of “Saturday Night Live” wed Saturday afternoon, The couple got engaged in 2009 and have a three-year-old daughter. Smulders’s “HIMYM” co-stars Allyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris reportedly attended. (RumorFix)

Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence ran into each other over the weekend at the Toronto Film Festival and — despite their competition over coveted parts and the (non) rivalry between “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” — talked to each other while smiling. (Us Weekly)

Also at the Toronto Film Festival, this happened:

Ryan Gosling (left) and Bradley Cooper. (Mike Cassese/Reuters)

As well as this:

Bradley Cooper (left), Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. (Frank Gunn/Associated Press)

In more Toronto Film Festival news that is completely unsurprising, reviews of the epic “Cloud Atlas,” which stars Halle Berry and Tom Hanks in multiple roles and multiple make-up jobs, are very mixed. (Reuters)

Dorothy McGuire of the McGuire Sisters has died at the age of 84. (The New York Times)

Liza Minelli will be back for the new episodes of “Arrested Development.” We assume an announcement about the return of Franklin is imminent. (Vulture)

These photos of Peaches Geldof are upsetting. But the baby is totally fine. Once you know that, and read the Twitter feed in which she blames London’s sidewalks for making her crash her pram while talking on a cell phone, they are a little bit funny. (Repeat: the baby is okay.) (Daily Mail)