GALLERY: This year’s Emmy awards.

The Emmy Awards featured wins from some expected and deserving favorites (“Mad Men,” “Modern Family”) as well as trophy-taking triumphs for some unexpected, equally deserving victors (Melissa McCarthy and Kyle Chandler, among others).

And then there were the unjustly snubbed. Losing is disappointing for anyone whose name makes the Emmy short list but doesn’t get the win. But for a handful of veteran actors who have been long overlooked, getting passed over on this Emmy night was particularly painful, if not for them then certainly for their fans.

Here are the five biggest snubs of the night, along with a poll that allows you to rank them from most egregious to least.

No Emmy for Steve Carell

As previously noted in this blog, Carell has more than proven that he deserved at least one Emmy for his portrayal of Michael Scott. In this, his final season of “The Office,” he was passed over for Jim Parsons, who won for the second consecutive year, leaving Carell Emmy-less for the sixth year in a row. Emmy-less — that’s so not what she said.

No Emmy for Connie Britton

It was wonderful to see Coach Eric Taylor, otherwise known as Kyle Chandler, finally win an Emmy for his work on “Friday Night Lights.” But the actress known as Tami Taylor, or Mrs. Coach, got nada. And week after week, she was just so good. Emmy voters clearly did not appreciate that, y’all.

No Emmy for Jon Hamm

Barring a tie, Hamm and Chandler couldn’t both win lead actor in a drama category. So the man who brilliantly brings Don Draper to life on “Mad Men” went home empty-handed for the fourth year in a row.

No Emmy for Michael C. Hall

Another dramatic actor who has repeatedly lost, the star of “Dexter” missed the mark for the fourth consecutive time. This marks his fifth Emmy loss if you factor in his non-victory for “Six Feet Under.”

No Emmy for Ed O’Neill

Mr. O’Neill has been in the business for quite some time. Yet this was his first Emmy nomination. Because he faced stiff competition in the supporting actor in a comedy category from pretty much all of his “Modern Family” co-workers, he lost to his pretend son-in-law, Ty Burrell.

So which snub upset you most?