A site that looks a whole lot like TMZ is reporting false news. (TmzNews.com)

A Web page called TMZNews reported that the singer had passed away from leukemia and dementia, diseases she is suffering from. The site looks almost identical to TMZ’s actual red-and-black layout. In case you were wondering, the woman in the photograph is not the “At Last” singer.

“She’s fine. I just saw her last night, and she was fine,” her son Donto James said of his mother in the Los Angeles Times.

A lot of Twitter users fell for the hoax, tweeting condolences. Many others seemed confused over the news, asking for confirmation. In a real sign of the times, a few pointed out how James’s Wikipedia had not been updated to reflect her alleged death, which was therefore false.

The real TMZ is aware of the issue. “Our legal department is all over it,” a spokesperson told the Times.