Dax Shepard and Glen Hansard, preparing to make music. (NBC/Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Regular viewers of NBC’s “Parenthood” are aware that, per the episode that aired this week, Crosby (Dax Shepard) is engaged in a major zoning feud with a woman who recently moved into a condo adjacent to the Bravermans’ recording studio, the Luncheonette. (That woman, by the way, is played by Pamela Adlon, who you may recognize from “Californication,” “Louie” or her voice work on “King of the Hill.” Or, if you’re me, “Grease 2.”)

That feud apparently intensifies in next Tuesday’s episode, which features a guest appearance from singer-songwriter Glen Hansard of “Once” fame. As a result, something unpleasant happens to Hansard’s car and Dax Shepard is forced to use the phrase “horse-faced, vile creature.”

NBC provided Celebritology with a first look at a scene from the episode, which you can view below. Unlike many scenes in “Parenthood,” this one won’t make you teary or verklempt.