(AP/Honda Motor Co.)

By now, we’ve all seen the Matthew Broderick, Ferris Bueller-riffing Honda commercial that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, we’ve probably seen it at least as many times as Bueller called in sick during his second semester of senior year. (“Nine times?” “Nine times.”)

But you may not have viewed the year’s buzziest big game ad side-by-side with corresponding scenes from the 1986 John Hughes film that taught a generation how to fake a phony fever.

Thanks to the good people at AkooTV, you can.

Editors at the online TV network edited this clip of the two Bueller works, which demonstrates both the accurate details of the commercial (I love that the “You’re still here?” coda was included) as well as the shortcuts it takes (replacing Sloane with a stuffed panda bear, Cameron with some anonymous roller coaster-riding dude in a Redwing jersey and the stunning candy-apple red Ferrari with, well, a Honda CR-V).

Watch below and pick apart the similarities and differences for yourself, then gauge how angry you are that they didn’t bother to get the rights to use “Danke Schoen.”