Bruce, Dory and Marlin, the presumed stars of “Finding Nemo 2.” (Pixar/AP)

“Finding Nemo” is a treasure. To some, it is the best Pixar film made so far, and one that comes to a completely satisfying and poignant conclusion with no need for a coda.

And yet, here comes the coda: Pixar announced today, according to the Hollywood Reporter, that it is making a sequel to “Finding Nemo” that’s slated to arrive in theaters in 2016.

Andrew Stanton, director of the original “Nemo” (yay!) and the recent Barsoom debacle “John Carter” (oh.), has been tapped to helm the sequel.

The screenplay is still being written and no plot details have been shared, so it’s unclear what the film’s storyline or title will be. But as many Twitter reactions to this news indicate, a number of people think the film should be called: “Finding Nemo 2: He Got Lost Again?!”

Here are some other suggestions:

“Finding Nemo 2: Swim Harder.”

“Finding Nemo 2: P. Sherman, Ninja Dentist.”

“Finding Nemo 2: Send in the Clownfish Again Because We Need to Sell More Stuffed Animals.”

Yes, it’s tempting to view this decision as a cynical one designed to push product, not unlike the “Cars 2” maneuver. Then again, Pixar sold merchandise and also delivered superb story-telling in both “Toy Story 2” and “3.” That fact should not be ignored.

What do you think? Is this a desperate move on Pixar’s part or is it an exciting development that will allow all of us to find out what happened to Squirt after his voice changed? Share your thoughts by posting a comment.