Fiona Apple, reportedly in custody. (Scott Wintrow/GETTY IMAGES)

Fiona Apple was reportedly arrested in Texas on Wednesday after hashish was found on her tour bus.

TMZ first reported the news this morning, and has since posted a mug shot of the singer-songwriter, snapped after she was taken into custody and charged with drug possession.

The cannabis was found when Apple’s bus was searched at a border stop in Sierra Blanca, Tex., the unofficial U.S. capital of famous drug busts. Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armie Hammer all have been arrested in the town too. Officials in Sierra Blanca really should consider building a Celebrity Pot Arrest Hall of Fame there.

As for Apple, TMZ reports that she’s still being held at the Hudspeth County Jail, which is a problem since she’s scheduled to perform tonight in Austin and tomorrow in Houston. The gigs appear to be on as planned.

Naturally, some media outlets seized this opportunity to break out a few puns involving Apple’s hit song “Criminal.”

“Fiona Apple feels just like a criminal these days . . . but for very different reasons than the ones she got famous singing about,” wrote Us Weekly.

“Fiona Apple, of ‘Criminal’ fame, is apparently sitting in a Texas jail,” said the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“All she needs is a good defense ...,” quipped TMZ.

Ugh. Let’s try this instead: Apple will totally get past this and resume her focus on music. Because she’s an extraordinary machine.

It’s still a lame pun, but at least the message is less cynical.