Fran Drescher and her distinct voice are returning to television in a new role that may surprise viewers who know her only as “The Nanny” named Fran.

Drescher stars in “Happily Divorced,” a new TV Land comedy she created based on her real life relationship with ex Peter Jacobson, who revealed he was gay after they ended their 20 year marriage in 1999. The actress told George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” that, like her character, she wondered, “How did I not know?”

“The metrosexual was really coming into vogue, so I thought that was it,” Drescher joked, as her signature laugh rang out.

On the show, Drescher’s character and her ex, played by John Michael Higgins, can’t sell their house because of the economy and are forced to live together. While this plot may seem pretty unrelatable to most, Drescher, who opened up about her battle with uterine cancer in the book “Cancer Schmancer,” said “the global message of this show is ‘Love is love.’”

“Just as Peter and I have, the characters are learning how to reinvent their relationship and their friendship into something else that accommodates their life now,” she said.

“Happily Divorced” premieres Wednesday on TV Land.