One last Celebritology photo of Gwyneth Paltrow, a reminder of Insouciance. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

In yesterday’s final marathon Celebritology chat, readers said they wanted three things from me on this last day of the blog: a final morning mix (done), a Friday list and a goodbye post that they could use as a springboard for one more BKD (please refer to glossary for meaning) in the comments section.

In the interest of efficiency, I’m using the Friday list to engage in part one of that goodbye post. So here’s a rundown, in no particular order, of 10 things that made Celebritology such a great experience for this writer. Consider this the equivalent of the Celebritology flashback montage before the part where I actually say farewell.

10 of the many things that were great about working as a Celebritologist:

— The fact that the job gave Liz Kelly and I a professional excuse to ask random people on the street if they know how to spell Shia LaBeouf.

— Knowing that there will never, ever be a lack of strong opinions regarding the behavior of Tom Cruise.

— Getting the opportunity to process the losses of stars I had admired since childhood, by paying tribute to their signature films, stringing together rap-lyric poetry or talking to the pen pals we never knew they had until they were gone.

—Attending events each year like the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and, in particularly fortuitous moments at such celeb-crowded fete, running into Michael Bluth and Tobias Funke at the same time.

— Having a professional excuse to play trivia with both Topher Grace...

... and Bradley Cooper.

—Engaging in the back-and-forth of the always vibrant weekly chats, both of the Celebritology Live and the “Lost” Hour variety.

—In an item semi-related to the one above, responding to reader e-mails with the simple subject line “Smoke Monster” and knowing that I was doing so entirely for work-related reasons.

— Being able to use this platform as forum for waxing nostalgic about the 1980s, whether that involved offering advice about ‘80s movie remakes, noting all the great moments in “The Lost Boys,” assessing MTV’s golden era or looking at “E.T.” from an adult’s perspective.

—Getting the opportunity to stand on the red carpet at the Academy Awards and, while doing so in 2011, finding out from Jennifer Lawrence that I had lipstick on my teeth.

—Lastly: all the BKDs, which tended to break out whenever Sarah Anne Hughes wrote about something Kirk Cameron said or I wrote about something Kirk Cameron did.

In other words, it was you, the readers — both the regular denizens of Lizard Island and the ones who occasionally stumbled in via search or a homepage link, confused by the word Celebritology and eager to pick a fight about politics and/or religion in the comments section — that made this such a wonderfully crazy place to call home.