Update: Here’s the recap of tonight’s episode, “Expectations.”

Some people already saw the final episodes of “Friday Night Lights” when they previously aired on DirecTV. Others, like me, may have ingested the fifth and final season in its entirety when it recently arrived on DVD.

Still, we can’t say goodbye to Dillon, Tex., until Eric and Tami Taylor take their final bows in the place we first met them: on NBC.

Consequently, I plan to write about each and every episode of FNL’s fifth season starting tonight, after they air at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Come back to Celebritology this evening to read my pseudo-recap, which will provide a post-broadcast opportunity to commiserate, complain about Julie Taylor’s ridiculous behavior and take turns agreeing about why Tim Riggins is smoking hot. And yes, whether you’re watching the end for the first time on NBC or already know exactly how things play out for the East Dillon Lions and Dillon Panthers, you are more than welcome.

See you then, with clear eyes and full hearts on.

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