Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton will reprise their roles as Eric and Tami Taylor in the “Friday Night Lights” movie that’s in the works. (Bill Records/BILL RECORDS/NBC)

When the series finale of “Friday Night Lights” aired — first on DirecTV and more recently on NBC — fans of the show shed a few tears and said their goodbyes to the solid citizens they loved from Dillon, Tex.

Apparently, those goodbyes may have been premature.

Peter Berg, executive producer of “Friday Night Lights,” confirmed at the Television Critics Association press tour that he is indeed moving forward with plans to make a movie that picks up the Coach and Tami Taylor story where it left off.

Deadline reports that Berg said a script is being written and the film could go into production next year. Actors from the series will be part of the movie’s cast, to be led by Emmy nominees Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. And yes, for those keeping score, this would be the second “Friday Night Lights” movie to be made; the Billy Bob Thornton version — which preceded the TV show, was based on the book by H.G. Bissinger and directed by Berg — was released in 2004.

Naturally, this raises a question: is this a good idea? Or should Berg just leave well enough alone and let us all live with the clear-eyed, full-hearted memories we already have?

Margaret Lyons at Vulture has already gone on record and asked Berg to stop the Buddy Garrity madness. “‘Friday Night Lights’ is a national treasure, a fantastic achievement, and a beautiful and haunting exploration of American culture. But it's also over,” she writes.

Personally, I’m not so sure it’s a terrible idea. I think that all depends on the script and where Berg and co. take the story. The fact that both Britton and Chandler will be involved is a positive sign. Honestly, I could watch them do their Eric-and-Tami thing all day long. (Hey, Peter Berg, maybe that’s what you should do: start the Coach And Tami Cable Network, which will allow Americans to learn a little something about marriage and compromise by observing the world’s best husband and wife interact 24 hours a day.)

But what do you think, FNL fans? Would you see a movie that takes the narrative beyond the finale? Or did the final episode give you so much closure that you’d prefer to leave Tim Riggins and co. behind? Vote in the poll below.