Melissa McCarthy, who might be having the best 2011 of anyone on the planet. (Reuters)

Tomorrow is Nov. 11, 2011 (or 11/11/11), an exciting day for those who have long believed that the number 11 deserves celebrity status.

We in Celebritology plan to recognize this important occasion by rewatching “Ocean’s Eleven,” listening to the Rufus Wainwright song “11:11” on repeat and consuming solely products purchased at 7-Eleven.

But we also are recognizing 11-Fest with a pair of posts: 11 celebrities who are having an excellent 2011 and 11 more who, um, aren’t so much. Consider this a way to get a jump ahead on all those year-end lists that don’t show up until December.

First up: our look at the famous people who, barring anything going wildly awry in the next seven weeks, will have much to celebrate as they look back on 2011.

Click through the gallery for the 11 celebrities on an upswing:

View Photo Gallery: These entertainers will likely look back on the past year with fondness.