Chris Hardwick on “Talking Dead,” precursor to “Talking Talking Dead” and “Talking Talking Talking Dead.” (Jordin Althaus/AMC)

American pop culture has gotten so analytical and self-referential that, at any moment, the entire entertainment universe could explode in some sort of Big Meta Bang.

Movie studios regularly release teasers for the teasers for the trailers that promote their film. Blogs write about what’s being blogged about on other blogs regarding items published on other Web sites about what celebrities are currently tweeting. (Yes, I am aware that Celebritology is part of that vicious media circle. I am the pot, as well as the kettle, and I am openly calling myself black.) And certain TV shows (like “Walking Dead”) have spawned TV shows (“Talking Dead”) in which people do nothing but discuss what just occurred on the aforementioned TV shows.

The fine people at Funny or Die recognize the comedy in this, and have posted a brilliant video satire that lampoons the AMC zombie-nalysis series and our culture’s increasing tendency to navel gaze.

The video features an episode of “Talking Talking Dead,” an analysis of what just happened on “Talking Dead,” followed by the inevitable “Talking Talking Talking Dead,” which breaks down everything that occurred on the episode of “Talking Talking Dead” that aired just moments ago.

“It’s just such an honor to be on a show that talks about a show that talks about another show,” says Jordan Morris, host of “Talking Talking Dead” on an installment of “Talking Talking Talking Dead.”

“talking talking dead is my favorite show, even better than BoardTalk Empire,” notes a tweeter during one of the highly distracting pop-ups and banner ads for such related programming as “Shilling for ‘The Killing’ ” and “Rubiconversation.” (“Not every wrap-up show is about a show that’s still on the air.”)

In essence, it’s hilarious. So enjoy watching the video, then prepare to post your own YouTube clip in which you talk about what’s better: “Talking Talking Talking Dead,” “Talking Talking Dead” or “Talking Dead.” Sorry, I’ll stop talking talking talking now.