Durin my rape I tried 2 shoot my rapist, bt I missed. Over the yrs I realized tht killin my rapist wouldve added insult 2 injuryless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet ReplyGabrielle Union

Actress Gabrielle Union is a survivor of sexual assault, a fact she’s been very open about. She’s now an advocate for victim groups, including Stop Abusive and Violent Environments and Futures Without Violence, and a volunteer at UCLA’s Rape Treatment Center.

So when the controversial video for Rihanna’s “Man Down,” in which the singer guns down a rapist, was released, many of Union’s fans were asking for her opinion on Twitter.

Union, who was raped at 19 while working a shoe store, responded after watching the video, saying, “Every victim/survivor of rape is unique, including how they THINK they'd like justice 2 be handed out.” Rihanna is a victim of domestic violence.

In her next tweet, Union said she attempted to shoot her rapist with his own gun, but missed, something she’s talked about before. “Over the yrs I realized tht killin my rapist wouldve added insult 2 injury,” she added.

The “Bring It On” actress went on to say that while the urge to kill an attacker is “understandable,” it should only be done in self defense.

But above all, Union praised the video for starting a discussion about sexual assault. “I hope tht it leads 2 HEALING & PREVENTS RAPE.”