On the season finale of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” the reluctant-to-wed Kiss rocker proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed.

“I come with so much baggage, but you’re the only friend I’ve got, ” Simmons told Tweed while vacationing in Belize. “I used to watch movies where they say, 'I can't live without you,' but for me it's true.”

So romantic, right? Perhaps. But the happy couple’s on-camera engagement, which was reportedly taped “months ago,” doesn’t sync up with the angry, uncomfortable interviews they gave while promoting the show in June. And it certainly doesn’t mean they’ll be getting married anytime soon.

“Shannon and I work on our relationship every day,” Simmons tweeted after the finale episode aired Tuesday. “One day at a time. Thanks for watching. When we figure out our lives, you will know.”

Tweed echoed this sentiment in her own tweet: “We are taking it day by day. Stay tuned.” Stay tuned, indeed.