George Clooney, a cast member in "The Descendants," poses with his girlfriend Stacy Keibler at the premiere of the film. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

In the lady department, Clooney was asked what he likes about current girlfriend Stacy Keibler. It seems the actor enjoys the former wrestler’s physical prowess.

“She’s tall,” Clooney told E! “She can take me two out of three falls. And that's important, too.” E!’s Giuliana Rancic was confused by the term.

“She can kick my [butt],”Clooney clarified.

But when are you gonna have a baby, George, Rancic later asked.

The silver fox deftly dodged the question, as he has a million times before, telling E! of children, “What about them? I love ‘em! I love ‘em all the time.”

But his film daughter, Amara Miller, doesn’t think kids should be in his future.

“Let me just say, he wouldn't be good as a father,” the apparently sassy kid told Us Weekly. “He wouldn't be the best as a father.

“George has fun being an adult, and I don't think he would like having kids.”

In case your wondering how the actual film is, Rotten Tomatoes indicates that it’s a winner with a 91 percent fresh rating.