George Clooney, pre-fake marriage for advertising purposes. (ERIC VANDEVILLE/GAMMA)

It’s a dream we’ve all had. We wake up, somewhat hungover and half-clothed, then suddenly remember something really, really important: We married George Clooney last night.

That’s what happens in this clever commercial for the Norwegian bank DnB NOR.

Why is the very busy Mr. Clooney — who directed and stars in the upcoming “Ides of March” and stars in the also soon-to-be-released “The Descendants” — starring in commercials that air in Norway?

Unclear. But who cares, really, when this clip allows us to imagine that instead of dating Stacey Keibler, George Clooney might someday search online for a nice white house where we can live together in Lillestrom?

(Via Huffington Post)