“Gerard has completed a successful course of treatment and has returned home in good health,” his rep, Rupert Fowler, told Lifeline Live. “We will not be making any further comment at this time.”

TMZ reported that the actor had checked into the Betty Ford Center three weeks ago and was released today. Butler reportedly realized he had become too dependent on prescription drugs to manage pain from injuries sustained while filming “300” and exacerbated by a recent surfing accident.

Butler explained his many injuries in 2007: “I had tendinitis in almost every part of my body. I had a bad injury in my forearm, which still comes up if I go to the gym. I had a rotator cuff injury and I pulled my hip flexer. Then there was a lot of whacks. Whenever you're doing a lot of sword fighting you're always getting whacked in the head or punched.”

While filming “Of Men and Mavericks” in December 2011, Butler had “a pretty close call” while surfing. The actor was pulled underwater by some waves and was later hospitalized, according to People.