Giuliana Rancic. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The E! News personality revealed her diagnosis on Monday’s “Today” show. Rancic said the cancer was discovered as she prepared to undergo her third round of in-vitro fertilization.

(Watch Rancic’s interview below.)

“It was incredible instant sobbing and it was like the world just crashed around me. And I just couldn’t believe it,” Rancic told Ann Curry of her diagnosis.

The “Fashion Police” co-host said the cancer was found early and the prognosis is good. She will have surgery this week, then undergo radiation.

The 37-year-old said she initially resisted getting a mammogram, believing she was too young to be affected by cancer.

Rancic said her husband, Bill Rancic, has been “unbelievable.” “He lets me cry when I want to cry,” she said. “He just lets me feel what I'm feeling.”

The couple’s struggle to conceive has been documented on her Style reality show, “Giuliana and Bill.” Rancic said she still hopes to have a child in the future.

“Now I truly believe God was looking out for me,” she told Curry. “Had I gotten pregnant, a few years down the line I could have gotten sicker. So right now I’m okay. So the baby saved my life.”

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