The G Club. (YOUTUBE)

To promote its 26th season premiere Monday, the PBS staple parodied the very parodiable Fox show “Glee.”

In the clip, Mr. Gooster is panicked because the G Club needs to pick songs for G-gionals. A long-haired puppet very similar to Rachel Berry is the first to offer her vocal chords to the cause. The rest of the choir pipes up to offer their talents as well.

“You’re all great letter G singers,” Mr. Goo tells them. “In fact, it’s hard to believe there could be so many great letter G singers in one G Club.” Touché, Mr. G.

The G Club then sings a “Don’t Stop Believin’” sound-alike to display the differences between g-sounds. They are, of course, interrupted by gym teacher Sue, who makes fun of Mr. Goo’s use of hair gel. (Gel, by the way, starts with the letter G.)

While I believe the actual Fox show can recover in its third season, I wouldn’t mind seeing the G Club for an hour a week, either.