The Gleeks at Comic-Con. (Denis Poroy/AP)

The big “Glee”-related news out of yesterday’s Comic-Con panel was that Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith won’t be leaving the series after the upcoming season as previously reported.

But for diehard “Glee” fans who track any and every tidbit they can find about the Fox show choir series, it wasn’t the only news.

Here are a few other teasers about Season 3 that came out during yesterday’s panel and press interviews. (Warning: Said teasers are only relevant to those who are obsessed with “Glee.”)

We’ll get to meet Mike Chang’s parents.

With Harry Shum Jr., becoming a cast regular this season, we’ll learn more about his character, including his relationship with his parents, who might not be super-supportive of his interest in dance and music. Who will play Mike Chang’s mom and dad? Shum doesn’t know, but he floated both Ken Jeong and Daniel Dae-Kim as actors worth considering to be his father (assuming, of course, that either one of them could appear on the Fox series when they currently appear in shows on other networks).

Sue Sylvester’s political ambitions.

We already know that Sue Sylvester (played by Emmy nominee and soon-to-be-host Jane Lynch) will run for Congress during Season 3. Her platform, as revealed during yesterday’s panel? No arts in schools. (Gee, what a surprise.) She also will have a worthy adversary running against her, but the show runners wouldn’t reveal who that person will be.

With Chord Overstreet’s departure, Mercedes will have a new boyfriend.

Brad Falchuk, co-creator and executive producer of “Glee,” said her romantic partner will be someone who “lifts her up,” and compared the relationship to the marriage between Cuba Gooding Jr. and Regina King in “Jerry Maguire.” Again, no word on who will play said boyfriend.

Dot Jones has a lot of ideas for Coach Beiste.

During roundtable interviews following yesterday’s panel, Jones said she’d love to sing again on the show, especially if she can do Pink’s “Glitter in the Air,” which is her “favorite song ever.” “I even want to be lowered down from the ceiling, but I was thinking I could come down the gym rope,” she said.

She also told Falchuk that she would like to do an episode where Will and Beiste trade jobs for a day. He nodded but seemed to already have some other plot points in mind for the tough-yet-vulnerable football coach.

Tina is, apparently, a junior.

With all the confusion about who’s graduating and what happens to them after that, the show runners made sure to note that Tina is a junior. This, apparently, was news to the actress who plays her, Jenna Ushkowitz.

“I’m kind of shocked,” she said half-jokingly after the panel. “I thought I was a senior.”

She also attempted to sort out the evolution of who is in which grade on “Glee.”

“Essentially we thought in the pilot that Kurt was the only freshman and the rest of us were sophomores. So this year was junior and then this [upcoming season] would be senior [year]. They got away with that [but] Cory was technically a senior last year, so you know … it’s ‘Glee.’”

It’s “Glee.” That’s pretty much the best explanation for everything that happens on this show, which (one last tidbit) starts filming again on Aug. 8.