There is trouble in the “Glee”-verse.

Rachel finally succumbed to the charms of Brody, “Sister Christian” NYADA Sex God, at the precise moment that Finn just happened to show up at her door. Which means they are so breaking up and he is so going to sing Coldplay’s “The Scientist” next week. I can just feel it. Well, that and the teaser for next week’s episode was pretty clear about all that stuff.

Adding further devastation to already soul-crushing “Glee”-spair is the fact that Kurt and Blaine appear to be heading toward a split as well. Twitter was very, very upset about this.


— Hailey Mazyck (@haileymazyck) September 28, 2012

But let’s not dwell on that right now. Let’s not even dwell on the fact that Blaine won the McKinley High School student council election even though his running mate (Sam) insisted on performing a Hole song with his opponent (Brittany). Instead, let us engage in a Q&A about Kurt’s new internship at, a position that has opened the door for Sarah Jessica Parker to become a recurring special guest star on “Glee.”

Did anything about this plot development make sense? And if it means we occasionally get to see SJP wearing Carrie Bradshaw-esque fashions while acting vaguely Carrie Bradshaw-ish, do we care?

Let’s go to the back-and-forth that went on inside my own head while watching this episode.

SJP as Isabelle: “I couldn’t help but wonder what my new intern is doing in the couture closet.”

This is, indeed, perplexing given that Kurt’s qualifications consist of: helping his glee club win nationals, serving coffee at the Lima Bean, recapping “Project Runway” episodes, personal journaling and maintaining a photo gallery of his unusual fashion choices. Evidently it helped that Isabelle Wright, senior editor/designer for and also, Sarah Jessica Parker, is from Ohio and thinks that Kurt is a dreamer who belongs in New York. Or something. Also, they made a point of noting that he’s working for Because any schlub can get a job on the Web side of a major media operation. I mean, it’s only the Internet so the standards are super-lax. (That is how you spell lax, right?)

Seriously, though, she checked no references and hired him after asking him only three questions.

Weren’t you paying attention? He was wearing a hippo brooch and that’s key to succeeding in any job interview. I can’t tell you how many times a new employer has informed me that I was hired by uttering these words: “Anybody who can pull off a hipp brooch deserves to be here.”

All right. Fine. Here’s another thing: why would an enormously successful senior editor/designer share all her insecurities with her brand new intern who has no college degree, as Isabelle did in that scene where she told Kurt she had “lucked into” her job?

Because they’re both from Ohio. They’ve both eaten at Breadstix. They have a bond.

A bond that allows Isabelle to not get mad when she discovers that Kurt and his roommate have broken into the Vogue couture closet?

Obviously. Besides, they had a musical number to do.

Can we break down the SJP-ness of that whole thing?

Sure. One: it was very reminiscent of Carrie’s trip to the Vogue shoe closet in an episode of “Sex and the City,” except, thankfully, everyone kept their pants on. Also, the decision to do a mash-up of “The Way You Look Tonight” with “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” from “Annie” was a nice homage to SJP’s career-kickstarting role as Annie on Broadway. (The SJP/Lea Michele/Chris Colfer vocal trio blended pretty nicely on that, I have to say.) Lastly, the moment when Rachel put on her first massively foofy gown recalled just a little Carrie’s ludicrously ruffly number from the “Sex and the City” series finale.

Side note: could that number have luxuriated any more in Lea Michele’s glamourousness?

Actually, yes. I can say that with confidence because the “Change Can Do You Good” cover that followed — which featured Rachel and Brody dashing through New York while throwing a lot of sexy face toward the camera, eating ice cream cones and forcing old men to take Instagram photos of their effortless hotness — luxuriated in Michele’s glamorousness even more.

Does Anna Wintour really send e-mails that say “Great — Anna”?

She does in the world of Vogue currently inhabited by Kurt, whose little music video in the couture closet has apparently bumped his status even higher up in the office hierarchy. And he’s only been an intern for, like, a week. And all this despite the fact that he wears button-down shirts with werewolves on them and a tail attached to his belt. (Speaking of which, if you were wondering where that and Blaine’s Wolverine obsession came from, the wolf/Kurt/Blaiine connection is a big thing in the “Glee” fan fiction realm .)

But all that fan fiction will be meaningless if Kurt is totally into his New York scene and continues to ignore Blaine, thereby leading to their break-up.

True. Well, the good news is, Kurt’s new boss also moonlights as a columnist/expert on romance. So she’ll nurse him through the pain.