Sofia Vergara and fellow presenter Woody Harrelson before they announced nominations for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

The announcement ceremony is a usually a dull affair that simply serves its purpose. But thanks to presenters Woody Harrelson and Sofia Vergara, this year had a few entertaining moments.

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Harrelson used the opportunity to talk about his cop drama “Rampart,” for which he has received a good amount of praise, and its lack of nominations

After fellow presenter Gerard Butler finished announcing the nominees for best actor in a drama, Harrelson asked, “Did you leave one name off of there, Gerard?” Butler played along, looking in a confused way at the paper he was holding and responding, “That’s so weird. It was here but they [inaudible, but we think he was trying to say ‘exed’] it out.”

(Watch the moment at 6:30 minute mark in the video below.)

Later when Harrelson was announcing the nominees for best picture — drama, he blatantly plugged his own film. “ ‘Rampart’ opens January 27,” he said, as those assembled laughed. “But I don’t see it on the list. There’s a lot of things left off today. I just wanna say.”

If anyone else had done this is might have reeked of desperation (rather than just slightly smelling of it), but it’s hard to hate on Woody Harrelson.

Presenter Sofia Vergara (Chris Pizzello/AP)

Sofia Vergara, on the other hand, did receive a nomination, as did her show “Modern Family.” Her moment in the spotlight was completely unintentional — and cringe-worthy.

As Vergara — whose Colombian accent is regularly joked about on “Modern Family” — read the nominees for best director, she stumbled a bit at the end: Woody Allen (got it), George Clooney (got it), Michel Hazanavicius (maybe?), Alexander Payne (got it), Martin Scorsese (nope.)

Yes, Vergara pretty much butchered famed director Scorsese’s name — even the Martin part. It appears she began giggling while attempting to pronounce “Hazanavicius” and she couldn’t help herself. But like Harrelson’s, Vergara’s moment was pretty endearing.

(Watch the moment at 8 minute mark in the video below.)