Once the Grammy Award proceedings get underway Sunday, online chatter will certainly focus on which artist is collecting the most trophies (read: Adele, Adele and Adele), who is wearing the most flagrantly freaky outfit as well as — much to my chagrin — anything semi-offensive that may occur on live television.

View Photo Gallery: “Music’s Biggest Night” has sparked unexpected, and oftentimes dynamic, partnerships through the years — from Eminem and Elton John to Beyonce and Prince.

But there are other appearances, performances and potential developments that have strong potential to turn into trending Twitter topics come Sunday. Here are five of them.

(Note: Don’t forget to check in with Click Track during the show for live blogging and frequent updates on Grammy night, as well as Celebritology, where we’ll cover fashions and other bizarre moments from an evening that will finally allow us all to put Bruno Mars, the Beach Boys and Skrillex in the same sentence.)

1. Adele’s first performance post-surgery.

As a multiple nominee and the most celebrated pop artist of the past year, Adele was preordained to capture Grammy attention. But the fact that she will sing live for the first time since her much-publicized vocal cord surgery makes her performance a definite must-see Grammy moment. Whether she stumbles or belts as powerfully as always (the latter being our hope), everyone will be talking about her.

2. An appearance by Beyonce?

To be clear, the mother of Blue Ivy has not announced that she’s coming to the Grammys. But with a few nominations to both her and husband Jay-Z’s credit this year, there’s a chance, as MTV notes, that she may choose to make the Grammys her first post-partum red carpet walk. After all, she does like to surprise us at awards shows.

3. A Chris Brown-Rihanna run-in

Three years after the assault of Rihanna by then-boyfriend Brown, a sad, much-covered incident that coincided with the 2009 Grammy Awards, both stars are scheduled to perform at this year’s Grammys. With unconfirmed rumors of a reconciliation already hovering over the pair, a photograph of the two passing each other on the red carpet or chatting backstage would be disseminated and deconstructed instantly.

4. Katy Perry, post-divorce

After signing off this week on her divorce from Russell Brand, Perry will attempt to be her chipper, “California Gurl” self on Sunday, when she will undoubtedly be faced with “How are you holding up?” questions while walking the red carpet. What a difference a year makes — at the 2011 Grammys, Perry was crooning from a swing while showing us her wedding videos.

5. Whatever Lady Gaga does

With all the recent attention on Madonna, doesn’t it seem like just forever since we’ve talked about Lady Gaga? Fine, maybe it doesn’t. But if the nominee for Album of the Year shows up in anything resembling an egg again, it will become a matter of (brief and trivial) national interest.