Adele, queen of the 2012 Grammys. (LUCY NICHOLSON/REUTERS)

The Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences wants you to save the date of Feb. 10, 2013; that’s when next year’s Grammy Awards will take place.

As per usual, the Grammys will air live on CBS that Sunday evening , beginning at 8 p.m. ET, the Academy announced today. Also, in keeping with recent tradition, the nominees will be announced during a “Grammy Nominations Live” concert, to be broadcast on CBS Dec. 10.

Man, considering that it’s only the end of May, our Februarys are booking up fast.

The Grammys happen Feb. 10, the Oscar ceremony is set for Feb. 24, as previously announced ... really, it’s probably best to begin that crucial award season training now. Start limbering up your fingers and thumbs for the fastest-possible Twitter resposes to red-carpet fashion. Also, get started on those mouth stretches so you have the maximum amount of flexibility needed to make rapid-fire sarcastic comments about award presenters and performers.

Maybe you can take advantage of the summer awards season, starting with Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, and use it as a practice run?

(Via and Deadline)