The Grammy Awards’ red carpet was a more understated affair than usual, as the artists and celebrities doing the pre-ceremony walk clearly had the death of Whitney Houston on their minds.

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The fashion choices, coincidentally or not, reflected that: Colors were more subdued and there were quite a few women wearing black.

But the fancy dressers didn’t completely abandon their tendency to weird it up a bit for the Grammys, a ceremony that tends to allow for much more freaky-deakiness than the Oscars or the Golden Globes.

Here are Celebritology’s picks for the best, worst and most oddly dressed at this year’s Grammys.

The best dressed


The it-lady at this year’s Grammys could not have looked more glamorous. The best response to unflattering comments by Karl Lagerfeld? Showing up at the music industry’s biggest night looking undeniably fabulous.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)


The hair may have been a bit too tossled for some tastes, but the whole package — which included a simple, sexy and revealing Armani number — was a stunner.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

Kelly Rowland

Rowland went for something soft and feminine, and walked the red carpet with a definite glow.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

Carrie Underwood

She was one of the few who successfully pulled off wearing white at the Grammys. (See below for examples of people who did not pull it off.)


Bruno Mars

In this Thom Browne suit, Mars is doing his usual doo-wops-and-hooligans routine. But it looked especially sharp tonight.


The worst dressed


Underwear and a floor-length doily. That’s the only description for this.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

Malin Akerman

She did not make white look nearly as good as Underwood did. This looked more like a bridesmaids dress yanked from the back of a closet circa 1991.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)


Oh, Robyn, why such a short skirt? And why the distracting moon boots/Doc Martens?

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

Alicia Keys

Is that Bruno Mars? That chick from Karmin? No, it’s Alicia Keys!

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

Rebecca Black

This looked like an ensemble that one might wear to a homecoming dance (possibly on a “Friday” night?). Of course, that’s sort of appropriate given Black’s age. But the pearls and the shoes made this ensemble mismatched in addition to too prommy.


The Grammy oddball hall of famers

Nicki Minaj

A woman currently in a battle with Lady Gaga for Reigning Pop Music Queen of Weird, Minaj upped the ante by wearing a Red Riding Hood-esque ensemble and walking the red carpet with the pope — or rather, a guy dressed as him. Well played, Superbassist.

(Chris Pizzello/AP)

Sasha Gradiva

This Russian musical artist did something I did not think possible: She wore a dress that looked like a scene from “Planet Terror.”


Bonnie McKee

A textbook example of the dangers that ensue when bright colors and unnecessary fringe collides.



The electronica artist may have turned heads with the big mouse head. But it was his T-shirt — which featured the cellphone number of his fellow Grammy nominee Skrillex — that was the key, weird joke of this ensemble.



New-age artist Zamora to Minaj: “You’re bringing the pope? Fine. I’m coming dressed as a king.”


And Katy Perry, in a category of her own


The dress was beautiful. The hair was blue, swept back and a little weird with the gown. Leave it to Katy Perry — should this go under best because the dress was so lovely? Weird because of the hair? Bad because the two things didn’t go together? — to defy obvious categorization.

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