A midday mix of headlines . . .

Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand in “The Guilt Trip,” which went Golden Globe-less this morning. (Sam Emerson/Paramount Pictures)

A promo for the movie “The Guilt Trip” touting Barbra Streisand’s Golden Globe nomination accidentally got posted online last night by an employee in the Paramount awards department. Unfortunately, Streisand did not get nominated for her work in the comedy, so, according to Deadline, Paramount quickly removed the clip. That error is so going to be mentioned in someone’s end-of-the-year performance evaluation . . . (Deadline)

Taylor Swift turns 23 today. 23! And she’s already earned more money and written more break-up songs than any of us will in our entire lives. Swift — who actually was nominated this morning for a Golden Globe, courtesy of her song from “The Hunger Games” — has apparently been celebrating the only way she knows how: by engaging in all kinds of adorable activities with boyfriend and One Direction member Harry Styles. (People)

Time.com provides an overview of the many bizarre, disturbing details regarding the recently foiled plot to kill Justin Bieber, allegedly orchestrated by an ex-con in New Mexico, his nephew and an imprisoned, convicted rapist, who has a Bieber tattoo on one of his legs. (Time)

Prince William commiserated with the cast of “The Hobbit” at the film’s London premiere (see video below). Unfortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge stayed home due to her pregnancy-related illness. (AP)

Speaking of the royals, Morrissey has been speaking of the royals. And — you won’t believe this, given his track record — he said something controversial and offensive. (Fox News)

As foreshadowed by yesterday’s morning mix, Lindsay Lohan’s probation in a jewelry theft case was revoked yesterday. A hearing has been set for Jan. 15 to decide whether her violation — caused by charges related to a June car accident — will result in jail time. (Associated Press)

Sean Penn shares some important life lessons in a new Esquire interview. He also points out that most of his Hollywood colleagues do what he calls “monkey-[expletive]-rat movies,” and, in the process, invents a new, profane and sure-to-be frequently quoted hyphenated adjective. (Esquire)

Wondering which band at the 12/12/12 concert behaved in the classic rock-iest manner? Vulture has figured it out using indisputable math equations. (Vulture)

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