Gwyneth Paltrow (Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Paltrow’s latest newsletter from GOOP — her lifestyle Web site — contains a “Spring Basics” feature, in which the actress and online fashion shop Net-A-Porter recommend some outfits you should wear (and buy) this season. In the photos, Paltrow pairs three basic pieces — a jersey dress, a jacket and a printed dress — with some accessories to create six dressy and casual looks.

But, as Us Weekly points out, the entire wardrobe costs around $18,000. Getting the exact total is kind of difficult, since the site offers a few different options for each look. But, by my calculation, to get the six looks closest to Paltrow’s you’ll have to spend $15,484 — the amount us regular people may spend on a car or a down payment for a home. Add in the rest of the accessories from the GOOP shopping page and the total tops $17,000.

On GOOP’s Facebook page, the commenters approve of the looks, but are pretty bummed about the prices. This person summed up the feeling pretty well: “Love it, can't afford it.” I also love the looks — including this $2,145 Stella McCartney jacket. But alas, I need money for things like food and shelter.