Gwyneth Paltrow. (Matt Sayles/AP)

That’s why she started GOOP, her lifestyle newsletter that’s packed with practical advice, like spend thousands of dollars on a spring wardrobe and build a wood-burning oven in your back yard (assuming you have one).

Now the Oscar-winning actress wants to start off your new year right with a GOOP cleanse that costs $425.

“Next week, when it’s back to the grind with work and the daily school run, I’m starting off with Clean, my go-to cleanse from Dr. Alejandro Junger,” Paltrow said in her newsletter, in an attempt to convince us that her routine is just as tedious as ours. “I’ve used Clean in the past with great results, losing a few pounds and kickstarting a healthier and more energetic New Year.”

Now before you say, “I can’t spend hundreds of dollars on something like that. I need to pay for food and shelter,” let me tell you what’s included in the price.

The cleanse comes with several supplements, such as fiber powder and an insulin regulator, as well as e-mail support (during business hours) and a recipe guide. Yes, for 21 days you shall have mango cardamom shakes for breakfast and dinner, and solid food — like soup and salad! — for lunch.

The newsletter makes sure to point out, “This e-mail is not intended as medical advice.” So if you want to spend $425 on advice that you have to run by a doctor (who, according to the Hollywood Life, may tell you that a cleanse is “the equivalent of ‘snake oil’ ”), order now.