On last night’s “Glee,” Gwyneth Paltrow’s character gave some of the kids a very meta warning about Internet bullying. After three of the lesser “Glee” characters were turned into hecklers by Sue Sylvester, Paltrow — playing substitute teacher Holly Holliday — explains to the League of Doom how the anonymous nature of the Internet has made people comfortable with being cruel.

“We live in a culture of insults,” Holliday tells the kids. “We’re constantly bombarded with these images of people who are richer than us, and happier than us ... and it makes us feel terrible.” (See: Paltrow’s lifestyle blog, GOOP) “We tear them down to feel better about ourselves. And we don’t just stop with the people who are on TV or in magazines,” she says.

Call me crazy, but it seems Paltrow’s “Glee” message was maybe — just maybe — meant for her real-life Internet critics as well. The actress has received a good amount of online jabs for GOOP, her singing career and, well, for just being Gwyneth Paltrow. Sadly, she’ll probably get some more for this episode.

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