Gwyneth Paltrow: the potential Anna Wintour for foodies? (Matt Sayles/AP)

Now Paltrow may be taking that GOOP experience and applying it to the world of glossy magazines.

An item in the New York Post reports that Paltrow may launch her own food magazine, sort of a Gwyneth version of O: The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, but for the culinary set.

Hearst, the publisher supposedly working with Paltrow, has denied that such plans exist, but The Post’s Keith J. Kelly cites an unnamed source who insists a project is in the works and is “super-secret.” Or it was, until now.

Could a magazine bearing the Paltrow label succeed, especially in a world where print media isn’t exactly thriving?

It’s not outside of the realm of possibility. Plenty of people thought O wouldn’t work, and it’s done remarkably well.

Then again, Paltrow doesn’t have the Oprah fanbase of obsessively devoted women who are willing to walk into a burning building if Winfrey merely suggests it will help them find inner peace.

What Paltrow does have, though, is a mix of genuine fans and people who love to mock her. So here’s my suggestion: If she decides to make this magazine thing a go, she should offer a special Snarkers Only deal. Anyone who subscribes to the still hypothetical “Gourmet Gwyneth” magazine just to make fun of the articles will receive a significant discount on the first six months of their subscriptions. Initial circulation numbers would be strong as a result, and that would allow Paltrow to start building a solid base of premium advertisers.

Yes, America, that’s what innovative media thinking looks like. Gwyneth, it’s up to you to execute.