Potential idea sparkers for your Gaga/Calderone costume. (Left to right: AP Photo/Evan AgostiniAP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means it’s almost time for everyone in American to simultaneously wear ridiculous outfits while mainlining Hershey’s miniatures.

To assist with the ridiculous outfits portion of the program, we in Celebritology have already suggested 10 group Halloween costumes inspired by celebrities and characters from pop culture. Today brings 10 more entertainment-related Halloween costume suggestions, this time designed for couples.

Most of these ideas can be adapted to suit male/female as well as same-sex twosomes. And if chosen, any of them will demonstrate that you and your spouse/romantic partner/best friend are culturally savvy, and — in the case of one potential costume — willing to dress as a male and female version of Adam Sandler if that’s what it takes this Halloween.

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1. Lady Gaga and Jo Calderone

It’s the costume that says “I embrace both the flamboyant side of Lady Gaga as well as her male, Ralph Macchio-esque alter ego.” Note: Can be worn as a couple’s costume or as an individual’s fresh take on the classic half-man, half-woman outfit. For pointers on how to behave in character as Jo Calederone, watch this video.

2. Eric and Tami Taylor of “Friday Night Lights


Pay homage to the best television marriage ever by dressing as the Dillon, Tex., football power couple. Aspiring Erics can wear a Dillon Lions (or Dillon Panthers, if you want to kick it old-school “FNL”) windbreaker and cap, khaki shorts, a headset and a pair of Oakleys as Eric (Kyle Chandler). And for Tami (Connie Britton), the-aviator-sunglasses-and-pencil-skirt look works beautifully. Pepper your conversation with plenty of y’alls and by the end of this Halloween, you may have inadvertently organized a morale-building barbecue.

3. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries on their wedding day

As a Humphries doppelganger, all you need are an all-white tux and a willingness to participate passively in an over-the-top wedding. As Kardashian, a strapless wedding gown, veil and a sparkly head piece should do the trick. Want to make this as authentic as possible? Change wedding dresses twice throughout the course of your Halloween night. It will keep things interesting for the trick-or-treaters.


(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Maxim/CHRISTOPHER POLK/GETTY IMAGES FOR MAXIM)

To become the electronic hip-hop duo all you need are oversized glasses, a pseudo-’fro for one of you, either a sideways cap or another curly wig for the other, comically rap-star-esque clothes and a commitment to singing “Party Rock Anthem.”

5. Cam and Mitchell from “Modern Family”

Spend this Halloween emulating the snippy banter batted back and forth on the Emmy-winning comedy by Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. What to wear? For Cam, a button-down like the one above, possibly a sweater tied over the shoulders and any standard pair of jeans or khakis. For Mitchell, you could wear a business-like suit. But the bold will opt for a suit with an ill-fitting Spider-Man costume on underneath it.

6. Adam Sandler as both Jack and Jill in “Jack and Jill

(Columbia Pictures)

Want to prove that you and your friend/partner/spouse are totally ahead of the curve on horrendous movies? Just dress as the male/female twins — both played by Sandler — in this movie, which opens Nov. 11. Want to make it a group costume? Find a third party willing to go as Katie Holmes looking confused about how she ended up in a movie like “Jack and Jill.”

7. Young and old Moira from “American Horror Story

(Courtesy of FX)

A couple of French maid outfits are all that’s needed for this super-easy costume. Well, that and one person’s willingness to act all hot and seductive, while the other commits to appearing older and wounded in the eye by a bullet.

8. Anderson Cooper and Gerard Depardieu

One person dresses as an inebriated version of the French actor while the other impersonates the silver-haired talk show host by tittering at the Depardieu wannabe all night. Note to Depardieu impersonators: Please don’t relieve yourselves on Halloween night in an attempt at versimilitude. That’s the fastest way possible to get thrown out of a Halloween party.

9. Beavis and Butt-head

America’s favorite dillweeds are making a comeback on MTV. So what better way to celebrate their return than by dressing as them? All you need are T-shirts that say Metallica and AC/DC, bouffant hairdos and a willingness to chuckle dorkily at anything vaguely sexual.

10. Linus and The Great Pumpkin

(Left to right: Copyright 1966 United Feature Syndicate Inc. AP Photo/The Canadian Press/Pawel Dwulit)

For decades, the pathetic “Peanuts” character has been waiting in a pumpkin patch for a present-doling gourd that never has the decency to appear. Clearly, the end of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is never going to change. So take matters into your own hands and create a two-person outfit that finally pairs Linus with the Halloween hero he deserves to meet. It’s more than a costume, one that, perhaps, is ideal for a parent and child. It’s the right thing to do.