Hey, girl (actually, guy): you should really be me for Halloween. (Frazer Harrison/GETTY IMAGES)

With that in mind, we’ve already offered a number of Halloween costume ideas from the celebrity and culture sphere, for those who want to dress in groups or as couples, and for individual women. Now it’s the guys’ turn.

Here are 10 entertainment-inspired Halloween costume suggestions for men. And yes, one of them does indeed have something to do with Ryan Gosling.

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A Samuel L. Jackson audiobook


Dress like Mr. Jackson — wear a suit, or a sharp jacket/pants combo. Put on a pair of slick glasses and, of course, the requisite Kangol hat. And, most crucially, carry a copy of the book “Go the [Bleep] to Sleep” and read it aloud, as long as no actual children are around. It will be the best Samuel L. Jackson costume ever ... or at least since that Jules Winnfield outfit, complete with bits of brains in the ‘fro, that you wore in 1995.

James Franco in drag at the Oscars

(Kevin Winter/GETTY IMAGES)

Sure, you could just dress in drag as Marilyn Monroe. Or you could dress as Franco, perhaps with a boulder on your arm a la “127 Hours.” But the more meta thing to do — and therefore, that much more Franco-esque — would be to dress as James Franco dressing up as Marilyn Monroe during the Academy Awards, otherwise known as the moment when we all knew his hosting gig would definitely not end well.

The Situation Abercrombie Situation


Dressing simply as The Situation? Lame. But going as the Situation Abercrombie Situation — i.e. becoming the Sitch (preferably in a neckbrace) while wearing all Abercrombie-branded clothes with a cease-and-desist letter from Abercrombie & Fitch pinned to your chest — suggests that you totally get the place where reality TV and faux corporate outrage meet.

Ryan Gosling, America’s superhero

You could go as Ryan Gosling’s character from “Drive.” But do the bolder thing and go as the Gosling who breaks up street fights. All you need is a striped tank top, sweat pants rolled up at the ankles, a baseball cap and a spirit of man-on-the-street bravery that makes it possible to resolve urban conflicts. Add to the verisimilitude by putting a stop to any brawls that may arise at your Halloween party of choice.

Spider-Man from “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

(Jacob Cohl)

Easiest costume of the bunch: just slide into a Spidey-suit and accessorize it with bandages on your wrists, crutches, a cast and some band-aids placed in strategic places. Now you’re the sort of injury-prone Spider-Man who belongs in a Broadway show penned by Bono and The Edge.

Santa Bieber

In keeping with Justin Bieber’s attempt to musically dominate the holiday season, create your own Justin Bieber character: Santa Bieber, who looks exactly like Justin Bieber but wears a Santa hat, keeps a “Never Say Never” list instead of a naughty vs. nice one, and definitely wants to celebrate Christmas under the mistletoe with his “shorty.” Choosing this costume will also help spread the word about the Bieber holiday album. And really, the kid could use the publicity.

Eddard “Ned” Stark from “Game of Thrones”

(Nick Briggs/AP)

Long hair, brown leather jacket, a sword and a sense of honor are all you need to transform into Sean Bean’s character from the HBO adaptation of the George R.R. Martin books. Really, just wear what you wore to the Renaissance Festival. That should work just fine.

Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx in “Rock of Ages”

(Warner Bros.)

The movie doesn’t come out until next year. But you can re-use your ‘80s heavy metal guy outfit — long locks, no shirt, tight jeans, big boots — and make it current by suggesting you’re apeing Cruise’s look from the upcoming film adaptation of the hair band musical.

Post-Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger


You’ve still got that old Arnold Schwarzenegger mask, right? Dig it out of the attic, pair it with an ill-advised T-shirt that says “I survived Maria” and you’ve got an updated Arnie look for Halloween 2011. (I amend my previous statement -- this is the easiest costume of the bunch.)

Christian Bale at a “Dark Knight Rises” press conference

(Jacqueline Larma/AP)

A track jacket, casual pants, and sunglasses tucked into a T-shirt , combined with an appropriate sense of gratitude toward the city of Pittsburgh, are all that’s needed for this costume. If you can pull together all these elements and still look more hot than ridiculous, you will have succeeded completely at becoming Mr. Bale.