Actor Ed Helms looks at a poster of his character in "The Hangover Part II" at the film’s premiere. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

Fear not potential moviegoers: Your Memorial Day plans just got a reprieve. A federal judge has ruled that “The Hangover Part II” will open as scheduled Thursday, denying an injunction related to an ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Warner Bros., according to the Hollywood Reporter.

S. Victor Whitmill, the artist behind Mike Tyson’s very distinct face tattoo, is suing the studio for copyright infringement over the use of a similar design on actor Ed Helms’s face in the sequel to “The Hangover.” Tyson, who appears in both “Hangover” films, has not commented.

The studio responded to Tuesday’s ruling, saying, “We are very gratified by the Court's decision which will allow the highly anticipated film ‘The Hangover: Part II’ to be released on schedule this week around the world.”

While U.S. District Court Judge Catherine D. Perry ruled against the injunction, she allowed for the case to move forward.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)