Taylor, Zac and Issac Hanson in 1998. Where did the time go? (Rose Prouser/Reuters)

In a move that may appeal to their original, all grown up fan base, the boys — who are still making music, in case you were wondering — are getting into the beer business. Seriously.

During a talk at the Oxford Union on Monday, the Hansons announced plans to brew their own ale and sell it sometime next year, the Express U.K. reports.

“I’m not joking,” youngest Hanson, Zac, reportedly said. “MMMhop IPA anyone?” The name, to anyone under the age of 20, is a reference to the brothers’ 1997 smash hit, MMMBop.

This news may feel conflicting to anyone who remembers playing “Middle of Nowhere” on their Discman until it caught on fire. On the one hand, I can appreciate a little 90s nostalgia mixed with alcohol. The two seem to go hand in hand. On the other, are we really this old?