It’s May 23, one of two important dates on the “Lost” calendar that surely everyone keeps close tabs on throughout the year.

The final “Lost” moments. (ABC)

One of those important dates, of course, is Sept. 22, the anniversary of both the “Lost” premiere and the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. The other is today, which marks the two-year anniversary of the “Lost” finale, otherwise known as National Continue Stoking the Flames of Anger Toward Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse Day.

Yes, on this date in 2010, millions of viewers gathered around their televisions to watch a bunch of castaways reunite in the heavenly light of a non-denominational church, moving many “Lost” loyalists to tears and also making some of them really angry because they still didn’t understand why there needed to be polar bears on this show.

Last year, I commemorated this occasion via a Q&A with show co-creator Lindelof and by sharing thoughts from “Lost” experts about what they would have changed about the finale. Today, I’m not going to revisit that well-trodden territory.

Because I figure that a few of you may feel like taking a nostalgic trip down Sawyer Lane today, we’re going to handle this in the only way that makes sense within the “Lost” universe: via flashbacks.

Cue the whooshing sound!

A few links from ‘Lost’ days of yore ...

— Hey, remember when Liz Kelly and I used to analyze the show every week? Here are our dueling analyses for the finales of seasons three, four, five and six in case you want to remember what we said about the final episodes of seasons you haven’t seen in ages. (Note: We were weepy, sleepy and still processing the series finale in a haze when we wrote that one for season six. So cut us some slack on any conclusions we may have drawn. Or, for that matter, all of them.)

— Here’s the “Lost” Hour discussion from the day after the finale, during which we were only slightly less weepy and sleepy.

— Our “Lost” book club discussion about “Watership Down.” An excerpt: “To me, Hazel is Jack. He is forced to act as hero, and the story both starts and finishes with him. But does that mean (spoiler alert for those who did not finish the book) we will see Jack die at the end of ‘Lost’?” Bunnies. The key to the wholething was in the bunnies.

The fake zombie scene that sparked years of jokes about a “Lost” zombie season. In an interesting twist, this moment would later be used in the script of an episode of “Walking Dead.” (Note: No it wouldn’t.)

The Class of 2010 “Lost” Yearbook Superlatives, in which Jack and Kate won cutest couple in a landslide.

Now, let’s go to the video clips:

“Lost” meets “Growing Pains.” An old clip, but one that still cracks me up:

“Lost” explained in less than three minutes, using Post-It Notes. This is a massive time-saver, by the way.

An entry in ABC’s “Lost” fan promo contest, Danny Simonzad’s “Obsession.” This one is still my favorite.

Video from our final “Lost” happy hour, in which some fans got a little verklempt.

And lastly, this video which shows the opening moments of the show, run in reverse and in tandem with the final moments of the series. For all the flaws of season six and the questions unanswered by the finale, I still can’t watch Jack close his eye without my heart hurting. Happy “Lost” finale anniversary, everyone. Let’s do this again Sept. 22.