Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Schwartzman in “Bored to Death.” (Jessica Miglio/HBO)

New York Magazine’s Vulture blog first noticed a tweet from a French journalist, who reported that Ted Danson said there’s a strong possibility a 90-minute movie will be made. A rep for the channel told Vulture there have “been some conversations” about a movie, but that talks are extremely preliminary.

Loosely based on the experiences of novelist Jonathan Ames, “Bored to Death” starred Jason Schwartzman (Jonathan) as a struggling writer and detective will an affinity for drinking white wine, smoking marijuana and getting into shenanigans. Zach Galifiankis played his best friend and Ted Danson his mentor.

As Videogum rightly noted, this is just the latest example of how TV shows with strong fan followings usually find second life after an Internet uproar. We, the Internet, do not allow TV shows to go gently into that good night anymore.

While I do find the canceled TV show protest trend a tad annoying (See: A petition to save “Dog the Bounty Hunter”), “Bored to Death” was actually a fantastic show that ended on a weird note, I mean, it can’t end with [SPOILER ALERT] Jonathan getting together in a romantic way with his half-sister, right?