“Hey. Eyes up here.” (AP/AP)

In case the previously released weekend box office projections did not already make this clear, the final figures issued this afternoon confirmed it: Hugh Jackman was more popular at the multiplex this weekend than George Clooney.

In what was a decided non-surprise “Real Steel” was the No. 1 movie, earning $27.3 million, while Clooney’s “Ides of March” came in second place with $10.4 million. That amount was very much in line with projections that the political morality tale would end the weekend with between $10 and $14 million in its pockets.

While “Steel” attracted younger ticket buyers (36% of its audience was under 18, according to The Hollywood Reporter), “Ides” skewed older — 86% of its audience was over 25, but 40% was under 35, suggesting that the Gen X crowd made up the movie’s base. Perhaps that can be attributed, in part, to the allure of its 30-year-old star, Ryan Gosling.

I was curious to know how well “Ides of March” performed in the extremely politically engaged D.C. market. Sony, however, would not provide Washington-specific box office data. Revenue trackers like Box Office Mojo do not gather information on films’ performances in individual markets.

Can Jackman outdo Clooney again next weekend? Or will they both be danced off the box office stage by “Footloose”? Check out the list of the top five movies of the weekend, then vote in our weekly box office prediction poll below.

The top movies of the Oct. 7-9 weekend box office:

1. “Real Steel” — $27.3 million

2. “The Ides of March” — $10.4 million

3. “Dolphin Tale” — $9.1 million

4. “Moneyball” — $7.4 million

5. “50/50” — $5.6 million