Hulk Hogan and his former wife Linda Bollea. (Chris Carlson/Associated Press)

The former Mrs. Hulkster received 70 percent of the couple’s liquid assets, according to settlement filings obtained by the St. Petersburg Times.

That means Linda walked away with over $7 million from their “bank and investment accounts,” $3 million in a “property settlement,” four luxury vehicles and 40 percent of ownership in her ex-husband’s companies.

Hogan got almost $3 million from their accounts, does not have to pay alimony and gets to keep fees from personal appearances and book sales.

The day the filings went public, Hogan tweeted a message that may or may not be about his ex, but sure seemed fitting: “Thank God any negative or blood sucking vampires are dead and gone in my [new] life. One love, one life, one God.”