Downton Abbey (PBS)

The Washington Post’s Hank Stuever named “Downton Abbey,” the imported PBS costume drama, his best TV show of 2011, with the HBO dramedy “Enlightened” coming in second.

Ben Collins at Hulu selected “Community” as the best comedy show of the year. The site’s pick for best drama has yet to be released, but we know for sure it isn’t “Breaking Bad,” their No. 2 selection.

While “Community” did not make Stuever’s list, he did give a nod to the equally entertaining A&E show “Storage Wars.” I may have switched out that pick for the network’s always engrossing “Parking Wars.” (Who doesn’t want to watch Philadelphians argue with the parking authority?)

Overall, “Breaking Bad” seemed to be the show to beat this year. It topped lists from Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker, Vulture, Paste Magazine, the Hollywood Reporter and Complex. It was also included in the un-ranked lists from the Huffington Post and Cinema Blend. It came in No. 5 on Stuever’s list. (Yes, “Parking Wars” beat it.)

While I’d like to weigh in on this assessment, I’ve only just started the fourth season.

Out of the shows I was able to watch (or should say consume during marathon watching sessions) this year, “Game of Thrones” had the biggest impact.

What do you think of The Washington Post’s top picks? Or Hulu’s? Tell us and share you own picks in the comments.