Charlie Sheen holding court outside D.C.’s Constitution Hall. (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)

As Dan Zak writes in his review of the show, the performance was the equivalent of being “doused in cultural bile.” In keeping with the tone set by other gigs during the “Violent Torpedo of Truth” set, Sheen’s ramblings — which apparently covered both Marlon Brando and the birther-inspired implication that President Obama was not born in the U.S. — were met with applause and boos, often from one second to the next.

Yet, in this video of fan reaction to the Constitution Hall set, the majority of fans interviewed by a Post videographer seem pleased, although some did acknowledge it was “boring.”

“He’s what every man wants to be, but won’t admit it,” said Michael Kurtz of the District.

“We bought tickets at the last minute knowing this was something we were going to talk to our grandkids about, and that’s exactly what it was,” noted James Stockstill of Staunton, Va.

Also, everyone loved Jeffrey Ross, who made an onstage cameo appearance. Watch the video below.