Leslie Knope may be in Washington this week.

Ms. Knope goes to Washington? (Illustration by Allie Ghaman/The Washington Post)

An NBC source has confirmed to Celebritology that, as first reported by Michael Ausiello of TV Line, “Parks and Recreation” may shoot some of its upcoming fifth season in our nation’s capital.

According to Leslie Green, communications manager for the DC Film office, some of those scenes could be filmed in D.C. as soon as this Thursday and Friday if the required permits are approved.

This news will not come as a shock to anyone who watched the season four finale, in which Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) snagged a job in Washington, working alongside strategist extraordinaire Jennifer Barkley (Kathryn Hahn). In a piece I wrote about “Parks and Recreation,” showrunner Mike Schur also implied that the political ambitions of the recently elected Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) may eventually bring her to Washington.

If production takes place this week, it seems fair to assume that Scott and possibly Poehler would be on set in D.C. However, NBC has not revealed any details about which cast members will be dispatched to our fair city, nor have they confirmed much of the next season will be set in Washington. (Please say they’re sending Ron Swanson and Jean Ralphio at some point, please say they’re sending Ron Swanson and Jean Ralphio at some point ... )

The filming locations also remain secret for now. If and when I get more information, I will update this post.

Is it possible that Knope could have a run-in with the man whose phone number she desperately covets, Vice President Biden? So far his office has not responded to my inquiry into this obviously important matter, but I have a hunch — or at least a hope — that such a thing could happen.